Thursday, May 29, 2008

Polly Floats Coke

I'm afraid this is a bit of a cheat. On Sunday we celebrated the fact that LB walked away from the Men's National Gymnastics Championship sporting a Bronze Medal awarded for the U12 Level 3 category of gymnastics.

Not only did he do himself proud; but he also contributed to a total of eight medal's awarded to young gymnast's associated with Leonard's School of Gymnastics. This is a tribute to Leonard's fine gymnastic coaching skills and to the club generally.

Throughout the excitement I had hoped that LB would at least gain some recognition for his efforts; but I hardly dared hope that he'd get Bronze! Tee-hee! I am thrilled for him; a nice confidence boost never did anyone any harm...

What did worry me was the fact that almost immediately afterwards DG and I had a prior engagement at the RDS. Considering the price of the tickets I had no alternative but to go; not being a great fan of The BOSS I wasn't keen on going in the first place, let alone just after LB's triumphant performance at the Nationals.

So; how does one celebrate success and then disappear? Panic set in, until I remembered that we had to eat. A quick jaunt down to the shops and a look around for a pub, restaurant or cafe; I didn't really want to settle for a boring ice-cream out of the Centra on the corner.

My luck was in! The lovely restaurant beside the supermarket was about to open and were perfectly happy to serve us with whatever we wanted. I am sure they were surprised to be asked for three cappuccino's, a slice of chocolate torte (delicious by the way) and two Coke floats!
Nevertheless the serving staff welcomed us with open arms and the service was both friendly and efficient.

We had certainly fallen on our feet there! I'd love to share the good news with everyone and tell you all where to go but unfortunately I've forgotten the name of the establishment. Suffice to say that it is almost next to the Centra supermarket in Churchtown, Co Dublin. Let us know the name of it if you find it...

Meanwhile, just what is a Coke Float? Well;

Coke Float
  • take one long hi-ball (or any tumbler) glass and fill it to within an inch or so of the rim with Coke, full-strength, full-cal variety and
  • top it off with at least one scoop of vanilla ice-cream!
The result? Scrumptious! Especially when served with a long spoon for collecting the foam produced around the edges...

It has been described as looking like iced-coffee, Guinness and many other things; but it sure is tasty. I've no idea where the idea originated; but over here it's a bit of a novelty as we usually have to give the complicated directions to whoever is kind enough to humour us.

This idea can be adapted to use Orangeade, Lemonade or Cherryade or indeed any other fizzy drink which takes your fancy. Whichever you choose stick to vanilla ice-cream though, anything else is just gakky!!

Like I said; this post is a bit of a cheat, but I just had to boast about LB's success and how we celebrated it. That said, Coke Float's are lovely...!


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Anonymous said...

Coke floats ... now you're taking me back years, yum!