Friday, July 18, 2008

Polly, Ben & Jerry

This is a little something special for all those Ben & Jerry Ice-Cream lovers out there. It tickled my funny bone; and yet despite its cynicism there is a grain of truth thrown in there for good measure.

Obviously this is not the real Ben & Jerry featured in the promo, they can be reached on either their Facebook page or their website.

On Saturday 26th July Ben & Jerry are hosting a thirtieth birthday party at Clapham Common in London, England. Regrettably I only discovered this this afternoon. I would have loved to take BB as there are some pretty good bands appearing and it is his birthday too; still I guess we'll have to settle for some frantic bag-packing with the Scouts and a pizza afterwards.

Maybe; if we're lucky, we'll get to indulge our passion for Ben & Jerry afterwards and share a tub of ice-cream?

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