Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Okay, so you've got a palm pilot, but what about the humble blackberry

BJK sent me a link this morning from The Telegraph. The subject? The humble bramble; as this story made interesting reading and was thought provoking I thought I'd be the first to share it with you...

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties I don't seem to be able to copy the piece directly to this post.

Anyone interested in using blackberries to make delicious and definitely delicious goodies; such as pies, jams or wine should check this article out. It reveals how we seem to have lost sight of such ancient family traditions at a time when common sense ought to suggest reverting back to foraging for free foods in the hedgerows.

A related article, which might also be of interest can be found in the archives of The Telegraph newspaper; which gives all kinds of clues as to how to use these precious little berries. At any time it is sinful to allow the harvest to pass us by without reacting to it! For recipes and advice originating in 2004 Xanthe Clay's guide to making the most of seasonal produce will prove to be useful to all all aspiring cooks!

Bye for now; I've got to rush to the village and collect LB from his second day in the headmaster's classroom!

Take care and don't forget to bring a walking stick with you; for reaching the high branches!

Polly Pierce

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