Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pollys Review

Goodness me! What it is to be popular...

This morning, while siphoning through my in-box I discovered another little snippet of interest. Okay, well it is probably only of interest to me and anyone wishing to sample the culinary delights of Tullamore, Co Offaly.

Back in February I did a review on Mezzo here in Tullamore; it seems that they liked my review as they have requested that it be included in Seeing as I positively raved about the place way back in February of this year I would be more than delighted to share my opinion with the world at large; not forgetting the direct linking of their review back to my blog.

Well; who am I to turn down an opportunity such as this? If anything that lil e-mail positively made my day! Well, it and a couple of others! What I must point out here and now is that I have checked out and from what I have seen so far; it is pretty impressive. What the heck? Go for it is my attitude...

Polly Pierce

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