Friday, October 3, 2008

Polly Whines

As some of you undoubtedly know by now I recently attended The Midlands Bridal & Debs Exhibition at Charleville Castle; not as a visitor but as an exhibitor. I had a great time and left with plenty of ideas and big hopes for orders in the future.

© Lily O'Brien

As far as my stand goes, aside from having a superb product to show off I took my new best friend; Lily O'Brien with me. Or perhaps I should say some of her lovely chocolates which I offered
to my visitor's as brides bribes; excuse the accidental pun! Suffice to say; my table was very popular, not least because I was the only stationer present!

On Saturday evening; on my way home from the expo I called into my favourite shop, ie Lidl. As I had worked hard all afternoon; I'd decided to treat myself to a glass of wine to finish the evening off and this shop has a great collection of Spanish wines to choose from. Imagine my delight when their 'Barcelino' oak aged Barrica from Catalunya was on offer at just €5.99...

Needless to say I picked up two bottles. One I shared with my Mom the following evening; alongside Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding; and guess what? She loves it too! The other took pride of place at home and was shared with a thirsty farmer when eventually he got home from working on this years late harvest.

I am also pleased to be able to report that my local Lidl had some of their Lord Nelson teas left in stock. I had first encountered these on the Lidl Treats blog a couple of weekends ago and pounced on the opportunity to test them. As they had had such a good write up, my expectations were high and I was delighted to discover that these inexpensive treats were every bit as good as hoped for.

Even LB has discovered their delights. He has been plying me with huge quantities of the softly coloured beverage in the hopes of usurping me from my place at the computer this week. The poor lad wasn't in the best of health last week; suffering with one of those infernal bugs which does the rounds at this time of the year.

© 2008

Despite returning to school on Monday; he's been off again this week following his withdrawal from a cross country race at our local Harrier's club. He's not quite well enough to be in school and he's not quite ill enough to be at home; suffering badly with boredom!

To make matter's worse; BB has also been off colour this week. He had his Tetanus booster injection the other day and appears to have suffered some of the unfortunate side-effects, including cherry red face, bodily aches and pains and a tomato sized lump on his left upper arm which is very sore. The delights of preventative medicine!

Today both of these guy's are a lot better and have taken to driving one another mad; and me in the process. Doubtless they're still not fit enough to return to school today; but you can't blame a gal for wishing!

So, that's enough from me; and anyway I think I can smell pancakes in the distance! LB has obviously decided to focus his energies in the kitchen for the time being...


Anonymous said...

Some lovely finds there Polly. Hope all are feeling better soon too.

Polly Pierce said...

Cheers George! Nice to hear from you! Thankfully we're all much better now; so much so that we were out camping in -2C on Sunday night with the Scouts!

I don't think you'd have approved of the cuisine though; it consisted of a mixture of turkey & beef mince with a packet of cuppa soup and a squidge or two of ketchup & barbecue sauce to add some flavour and the ingredients for my famous chili con carne!

Sadly I left the secret ingredient (ie spice mix) on the kitchen counter and the other patrol forgot their bolognaise sauce! The result was interesting...

I am now suffering with suspected appendicitis/salmonella! We were camping in the middle of sheep pasture with no running water - yummy!