Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Polly; Let The Tagged Alone!

Oh no~I've been tagged again! This time it's Donal over on TheGoodMoodFoodBlog . I suppose it serves me right as I seem to have been hogging his blogging all afternoon; yes that's right, all afternoon. The reason being very simple; I am obsessed by the pantomime and he's starring in the one I love...

Anyway one thing obviously led to another and hey presto I am to reveal seven little known facts about myself for public consumption. Actually I don't mind that bit too much, the problem is trying to think of folk I know who haven't already been tagged this time around or even the last time around! So; for the easy part!

  • 1) I speak with a very mixed up English accent - sorry to shatter any illusions folks! That is until really cross in which case a few of the colloquial profanities may be uttered in a slightly softer but more menacing accent!
  • 2) I am half Irish and a little less than half English, with some Scottish blood and heaven only knows what else coursing through my veins!
  • 3) My complexion is so sallow and my hair so dark that I am easily mistaken for a local when on holiday's/vacation abroad; whereas DG is paler than your average milk bottle with deep auburn hair! I have steel blue eyes.
  • 4) Despite the above I am not well travelled; preferring mostly to holiday around the islands of Ireland and the United Kingdom, usually camping in my own tent, cooking for four on a camping stove or meths burner. (finances dictate!)
  • 5) I have developed some very diverse reading habits which vary from short novella's and poetry to classics such as Dracula and Alice in Wonderland to the Avoca Book of Soups. I enjoy reading aloud to my children and anyone else who will listen.
  • 6) My taste in music is eclectic to say the least. My first concert was AC/DC at the Hammersmith Odeon and the most recent a Recorder Quartet Recital at a local hotel - I went to both voluntarily! I have met Lemmy from Motorhead.
  • 7) As a child I was very active. I won several medals and awards for both swimming and gymnastics - at (very) amateur level. Today I lead a sedentary life-style. I'm sad...

Now for the difficult bit! Who on earth am I to tag; without causing them to tear their hair out, that is?

Sorry girls; but I am sure you understand!

Polly Pierce
Hand Made Wedding Stationary & Greeting Cards from Ireland


Anonymous said...

Lovely to read more about you Polly.

Polly Pierce said...

Ah, thanks George!

I would have tagged you only it was you who tagged Italian Foodies who tagged Donal who tagged me!

See what I mean about it being difficult not to hassle people who have already been tagged?