Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Having taken a few days off; in order to finish a massive order of personalised Christmas, Birthday and Wedding Cards I am back with vengeance! Yesterday I received an e-mail from BJK; which to be honest is highly appropriate, considering that nobody in this household enjoys doing the washing-up.

Where Fly Lady has failed to re-train entrenched habits and motivate this family the Telegraph may have come up with the answer. So, without further ado; I present what every household dreams of:

Like it or loathe it; I think we must all agree that this wonder of modern technology would have a place in most kitchens'! Sadly, rumour has it that it won't be out on the market for quite some time - perhaps a note to Santa would work?!

So, that's it for this year; my last post on Vinca's-In-Tha-Kitchen! until after the great feast of Christmas. In truth; despite having purchased a Christmas tree at my local hardware chain, the other day I have yet to put it up, in fact the poor thing has been leaning against a wall in the sitting room for the past week! So, maybe this morning I'll finally get around to it. As the saying goes; it's better late than never...

I have some lovely glass bauble's, some of which were purchased from Lorna at Garendenny Lane Interior's the weekend before last; amongst other things. Luckily for me I was able to sell twenty-three of my lovely hand-stamped Christmas Cards which just about paid for my purchases.

Sadly, any income from Vinca Cards has to remain separate from my housekeeping money; otherwise I'd never be able to tell whether I was coming or going! Still, I can offset the cost of at least one item against it; I bought a lovely business card holder for display on my table at forthcoming Wedding Fairs...

So; this is it: Merry Christmas!

Lots of Love

Polly Pierce
The Irish Hand-Made Greeting Cards & Wedding Stationary Maker!


Lorna said...

I hope you like them on your tree. We have a set on our tree too. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2009, Best wishes, Lorna

Polly Pierce said...

We eventually got it up having spent an hour & a half cutting the bottom of the trunk off with a wire saw; in order to fit it into the stand! It's a shame I couldn't start the chainsaw...

The first thing to go onto the now famous tree was that set of baubles. They look even better against the dark evergreen needles! In fact they're gorgeous!