Monday, April 13, 2009

Polly Drinks Liquid Malt-easer

Okay, so I know it's been a while since I last posted here. That's not to say that I haven't been busy elsewhere...

Croagh Patrick
Recently, we seem to have been doing a lot of activities with the Scouts. Namely since we returned after last years Summer Hols, we've been off camping at least four or five times. The most notable would probably have been those in the 'off-season' which is of course the Winter.

Our first camp was in October, when our Leader and I awoke to frost on the back of our tent thankful for the fact that we'd both brought our long-john's and the drop of Drambuie Mr B had put in our hot chocolate. Next was the February camp, when we woke to find frost on the tops of our boots inside the awning of our tent, and most recently the March camp when we were visited by glorious sunny weather during the day and freezing fog at night time. Oh the joys...
Ascent Of The Holy Mountain
Only last weekend, on Holy Saturday we'd ventured to the top of the Holy Mountain of Croagh Patrick in Co Mayo. Boys, oh boys! Did we ever, that was indeed a pilgrimage and a half; for the younger members of our troup it was little more than a spring jaunt up a big hill, while the older and less fit members will remember it for ever more. Yours truly took at least an additional 45minutes to mount the summit and was greeted with cheers and Mr B's special energy drink - Liquid Malteser's!

Ariel View Of The Reek

I don't know why I was cynical about this magical mixture, I shouldn't have been. After all, I am a great exponant of do-it-yourself medicines for all occasions. Not only was the drink warm, refreshing, welcome and tasty, without a doubt it did have magical properties that enabled me to descend the afore mentioned mountain. Admittedly I could hardly walk by the time I had reached the bottom of the 760-something metres and collapsed into the back of Gary's Atlantic Adventure Centre jeep in a very un-lady-like fashion, but hey, who's looking?

The secret of the Liquid Maltezer's is closely guarded, but I do know that it relies heavily on the presence of refined glucose powder, horlicks and drinking chocolate, all of which are decanted in their dry form into a zip-lock bag and carted up the mountain in readiness for weary travellers. Add to a large sprinkle of this mixture a generous portion of hot water, carried on the back of a trusty pack horse and mix with whatever implement is closest. Drink and enjoy.

Following a light, but calorie packed lunch, prepare oneself for leaping down the mountainside with all the nimble energy of the proverbial mountain goat while waving at a light aircraft emblazoned with the Irish Airforce colours (and yes, he did wave back!), so there...

Happy Easter!

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