Saturday, September 5, 2009

Polly Hates Chilli Chocolate; or Does She?

Deary me! I had absolutely no idea as to how long it is since I last posted on this blog, just that it was a long time ago...

Apologies to anyone who checked in during that time while I was MIA (missing in action). Anyway, finally and at last I have something worthwhile writing about, so I am back. A few weeks ago one of my Facebook friends, Amanda Webb of Feelgood Hampers - Ireland's First Organic Hamper Company ran a competition.

The brief was:

Ernest Hemingway once bet 10 dollars that he could write a story in 6 words. His winning story was:

"For Sale: baby shoes, never worn."

We have 5 bars of Wilde's Irish Organic Chocolate to give away. All you need to do is tell us a story in 6 words about how much you love chocolate. The best 5 entires as chosen by our judges will get the prize.

Say no more! I love a challenge and this one was a particularly worthy one. I had a think and came up with this:

"For Hire, Chocolate Taster, Well Fed!"

To cut a long story short; I won! Delighted as I was with my success I had almost forgotten about my prize - probably because I'd gone off and joined Unislim in the meantime...

One day earlier this week I arrived home to find a hand-addressed jiffy bag on my door mat. With no clue as to where it hailed from I barely contained my excitement as I ripped open the mystery package to reveal a simply wrapped brown paper parcel tied with old fashioned string. Immediately I read the label the penny dropped and I realised that dear Amanda had posted my prize. I kind of wish now that I'd taken photo's...

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Wilde Irish Organic 70% Cocoa Red Chilli & Spice Chocolate! I'll be honest, despite hearing great things about chilli chocolate I do not like it. So, my pleasure rapidly faded with the realisation that my prize was in fact something I dislike with a passion. You can just imagine, can't you?

So in my disappointment I decided to give it a go anyway. After all, it would be bad manners not to and I know for a fact that nobody else in the family was going to try it as they all hate chilli chocolate too. To say that getting into the chocolate was a challenge is not an exaggeration. The plastic wrapper seemed to be hermetically sealed with the express intention of keeping me out and in the end I took a scissors to it...

The result was astounding. It was worth the struggle with the stupid wrapper. The chocolate was as fresh as a daisy and very obviously of the higher quality variety. Better still, it was dark and bitter sweet with a lovely velvety consistency which is so often sacrificed in the higher cocoa labels; there was a noticeable absence of powdery or gritty texture. It was nice.

Flavour wise it reminded me very much of Fry's Chocolate Cream which yet again takes me back to childhood. It was one of my Mum's favourite treats and as such became mine. Although there is no white fondant filling in the Wilde Irish Red Chilli & Spice Organic Chocolate there is a definite similarity between the two. I can only assume that it has something to do with the good quality dark chocolate, cinnamon and nutmeg...

By this time, I discovered the chilli. Oh boy, did I discover it or what? It actually made me exclaim out loud as to how hot a punch it packed. This could of course have something to do with the fact that I'd all but forgotten about the chilli, due to the delight in discovering the absolute gorgeousness of the chocolate itself!

I love chilli. Recently it appears to have found its way into some very unusual places, in the belief that it's good for ones health. Quite how I came to the conclusion that I dislike chilli chocolate I am not sure, but up until the other day this was a fact I could be sure about. I hated the stuff with a passion, probably more to do with the chocolate than the chilli. My Mum on the other hand loves chocolate and hates chilli with a passion even greater than my former dislike of chilli chocolate.

So, I gave her some of my prize. No, not for badness; she asked to try it and had been warned as to the possible consequences. She agreed with me on both points, it's lovely and it does have a faint hint of whatever it is that makes Fry's Chocolate Cream such a time honoured success. She also agreed that the chilli was hot, although she did surprise me when she didn't rush over to the tap for a cooling drink of fresh water. This woman does not like chilli at all, at all...

Would I buy Wilde Irish Chocolate with Chilli and Spice for myself? The answer has to be a resounding "Yes! Don't be silly, of course I will, it's lovely... Oh, and thanks Amanda for picking me to taste it!"

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