Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Polly Shares Peter Rabbits Family Recipes...

Spring is in the air... and this is a freebie share for anyone with a love of nostalgia and young kids! (excuse the pun!) The Peter Rabbit's Family Recipes e-book is a simple delight with some beautiful illustrations - as one might expect from Ms Potter. In a world of ever increasing sugar consumption and empty calories this may be just the thing to encourage youngsters to eat their greens.

With recipes ranging from Mrs Rabbit's Green Pea & Macaroni Salad to Cotton Tail's Blackberry Lemonade, Kit Singleton proves that healthy eating isn't all about fibre and no flavour. This book will also prove useful later in the evening as the Tale of Peter Rabbit is told at the very beginning with some of the original illustrations.

For more information and indeed help planning your menu's and healthy eating head over to MyCountryCookin.com and have a good look around. There's bound to be something there for just about everyone...

I found this video while looking for a nice photo to boost this post with. I know it goes on a bit, but it's lovely and the cheerful song from Grease is one of my favourites!

Enjoy the innocence of the lost world while eating healthily, just like Peter Rabbit! While on the subject of rabbits, if you click on either of the two pictures I've chosen to illustrate this post it will re-direct you to the House Rabbit Society website where you can find out how to look after the next addition to the family. For example, did you know that a rabbit can be trained to use a litter box? Or that your cat can be best friends with your rabbit?

Well, judging from what I've written above you'd never guess that once upon a time I was petrified of rabbits, would you? My friends so-called pet rabbit bit my finger when I was five, it bled like fury and put me off rabbits for a good thirty years or so. Maybe that's why I developed a taste for one of the healthiest meat options available? But that my dears is a tale for another day, and shhh, don't tell Peter Rabbit what I just said...

Bye for now!

Polly Pierce
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