Monday, December 3, 2007

Just because I am running out of time, freezing cold and I have 101 things to do this afternoon; I am going to show you another blogger's recipe for Sloe Gin, which is absolutely gorgeous.

We made it a few years ago and I was pleasantly surprised at the result. For over two years we soaked our sloes in the gin and sugar mixture; until one fine day I decided that the time had come to indulge and boy's, oh boy's was it good or what!

Described as ruby red and smoothly sweet, sloe gin is a must for every home at Christmas. That is my opinion, at least, unfortunately BJK wasn't so quick to agree and gave us a flask of Belinda's Sloe Gin which is every bit as nice, just a little clearer!

Here's Nonnie's Recipe for Sloe Gin

1 bottle gin
1lb sloes
1/2(half)lb sugar

Take a large airtight jar with a capacity greater than the volume of gin and empty in the sloes. Cover sloes with sugar and top off with the gin(retaining the empty bottle). Leave to stand for at least 2-3 months turning jar occasionally so that all sugar is disolved and flavour of sloes is fully released into the gin.

When ready to use, strain mixture through a muslin cloth and pour back into the (sterilised) gin bottle. I always remove all the old gin labels and attach my own label as this looks far prettier.

Wait for a cosy evening and pour yourself a warming glass of ruby red liquid. Enjoy. x

Do give her a visit, she's got some lovely bits & peices for sale for Christmas and other occasions and her blog's well worth a read! Thanks to Irish Sally Garden for putting me on to her.

Anyway, I must run now;

Polly Px

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