Friday, April 18, 2008

Polly Steels Eggs

As a result of my activism the other day, on behalf of enslaved chickens whose work and living conditions leave much to be desired; George of Culinary Travels of a Kitchen Goddess left a seemingly innocent comment on the blog. It was only afterwards that I realised; I had been tagged!

For the first time ever; I have been tagged. I did participate in a meme, which is much the same only voluntary! The result was much lively banter with bloggers in the craft and foodie blog arena's; it was fun and my stats went through the roof for the following week!

In response to being tagged, I must apologize for being somewhat slow to respond; it's been another long and slow week dragging my aching body from place to place. The result is that I've had very little time to indulge my passions on the computer or in my card making studio; the sad thing is that it aint going to get much better over the weekend either! I'm off kayaking with the Scouts...

So, in an effort to find five other foodies I sat down this morning and began my search for blogs which I have visited recently, so far I have come up with three; except for George of course, but I can't very well tag her again (can I; Please?) can I?! The biggest problem is that once on the net I am easily distracted by the many and various tidbits on offer; below you will find todays offerings, I am sure may well come in handy after a hard days fun on the canal!

Meanwhile, I am going to tag the first three foodie bloggers that I have come up with:

  1. Dew Drop Deb of The Humble Housewife is currently #1 at Irish Bloggers! (18/04/2008)
  2. Ciaran over at Ice-cream Ireland is a gem and worth a read, especially for the ice-cream addicts!
  3. Ree on the Pioneer Woman Cooks blog is one of the original pioneer women, living out in the mid-west on a ranch she makes interesting reading, photo's and food!
  4. Hunty's Hideaway appears to be mainly a gaming blog, but I liked it and; I hope. so will you!
  5. Jason over at 2b a, this is not strictly a blog but he's worth a visit anyway.
Anyway, in my quest to recall the who's who of my favourite sites I came across (5) Hunty's Hideaway and in deferrence to the Egg Bhurjee recipe which I have 'borrowed' I think she deserves a tag. While not strictly a Foodie Blog this lassie has many talents, not least of which are knowing and enjoying good food, games and rambling...

(4) Jason over at 2b a is probably the best bet for my fifth foodie blog; although I am not sure if he really counts as this is kind of a website. Despite the title I think it's good fun and there's a lot to learn on the various pages and forums; my only complaint about this particular guy is that there doesn't appear to be a general contact page.

How To Make Egg Bhurjee

Try this one and let me know how it turned out? Meanwhile I'll have to finish tagging my five foodies later; I've just run out of time and have to collect LB from school in three minutes. LOL!

Polly Peirce


Anonymous said...

Glad you decided to take part Polly, but where are your six describing words?

George xx

Polly Peirce said...

Check out Saturday's brief, links and proper tagging to come tomorrow after 2 days on the Grand Canal with the Tullamore Canoe Club!

Anonymous said...

Grand. I'll check back soon.

Deborah said...

Hiya Polly - thanks for the tag... will try and get on it! :) Will we see you at the crop tomorrow? Take care!

Polly Peirce said...

Oh Deborah! If only; I am afraid I was less than a mile away with the Scouts being capsized IN the canal.

The warmth of Day's Hotel; pursuing my other passion (card making) and learning how to scrap book while sampling your delicious goodies sounds very attractive!

Maybe next month?