Saturday, April 19, 2008

Polly's Tagged

George, of Culinary Travels of A Kitchen Goddess commented on my unfinished post from yesterday, and quite rightly so! In my haste to collect LB; I didn't have time to publish my six descriptive words. That's right SIX words which, in a nutshell, describe me:

  1. Passionate
  2. Ethical
  3. Generous
  4. Adventurous
  5. Spontaneos
  6. Courteous
Boy, did I have to think to come up with those. It's all too easy to be subjective, when considering one's self.

I have tried to be as objective as possible with regard to this exercise; using words which my friends and colleagues might consider using. Obviously there are probably many, many more words which might also fit this bill, however I'm not so sure that they would be either printable or objective...

Do check out the folk that I have listed in yesterday's post, each has a great blog/site. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to tag them properly yet due to my frenetic lifestyle and crazy personal committments, that will come tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm taking time out to eat my Microwave Porridge and a mug of leaf tea while attending to some of my other committments, ie the e-mails.

In less than an hour, I will be meeting up with a group of Scouts at the Tullamore Harbour for a Grade 2 Course in Kayaking with the Tullamore Canoe Club. More details to follow, when we get back tomorrow and if you're really lucky there might even be some pic's too...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking part Polly. Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

Polly Peirce said...

I think the only thing I didn't do this weekend was catch a fish between my teeth!

It was fun and I'll tell you all about the new culinery skills I've learned...