Saturday, May 17, 2008

Polly Prefers Dark & Bitter

So what? It's true and it has been for more years than I care to remember!

I am talking of chocolate; I love dark, bitter chocolate - SO THERE!

When talking about comfort foods chocolate has to come right at the top of the list. In moderate amounts it is good for the heart, the libido and general welfare; unfortunately, many of us aren't so hot in the moderation department and find it difficult to stop at the pre-prescribed one square limit.

Okay, that wouldn't be so bad would it? Hey, did anyone mention the size of the square of chocolate? I sure didn't and to be honest I struggle to keep it down to a slab of chocolate! That's right a whole bar; which I protect jealously from all comer's, especially those under a certain age who will eat anything so long as it is sweet.

Bearing this in mind and the ridiculous amount of weight that I have taken great pleasure in blaming on the pseudo-appetite stimulated by my medication, I took it upon myself to put my money where my mouth was. LITERALLY! So, it was off to the shops in search of my favourite makes of dark chocolate...

Let's get serious for just a moment; I am talking about quality chocolate from well respected manufacturer's, not just any old junk; although for comparison purposes I did reluctantly include a bar of Tesco's own brand dark chocolate. Okay, it was hidden in the depths of a drawer in the kitchen, sadly forgotten about until I went to install what was left of my latest stash!

I bought bars of Lindt, Green & Blacks Organic and Butler's Organic Irish Dark Chocolate. I even shaired my booty with the children, insisting on them consuming the meagre peices broken off for them to try, in a particular order. The results of this impromptu tasting were outstandingly alike.

Surprisingly we all plumped for the Butler's Organic Irish Dark Chocolate, probably because it is slightly sweeter than the other contender's and very smooth. Green and Black's came in at a healthy number two, its bitterness noticeable after the glass of milk drunk to cleanse the palate in between tastings. Surprisingly my anticipated favourite; the Lindt came in third, despite the slightly smoother texture compared with the G&B's!

Unfortunately, I was unable to purchase any quantity of Lily O'Brien's Dark Chocolate for inclusion in this trial. Its absence was noted and while it is regrettable that she missed out, I have no doubt that I will be repeating the exercise all over again!

As for the Tesco's Chocolate, it's not that bad but it really is only suitable for use in cooking; especially if it's for the children...

As I am off to dinner with friends tonight and still have to make something for LB to eat, I'm going to add my links and photo's tomorrow! In the meantime, why not try it out for yourself, and don't forget to inhale, exhale and generally swirl it all about; after all that's the only way to taste the taste of chocolate!


Polly Peirce


Anonymous said...

I love Valrhona and Lilly O'Briens chocolate. Divine and Green & Blacks is great too :)

Polly Peirce said...

When it comes to chocolate I'm very much restricted by availability; my waist-line and purse aren't complaining though!