Sunday, September 14, 2008

Polly Makes Startling Discoveries

A while ago I subscribed to Damien Mulley's blog. I drop in from time to time and have a quick read; but I never thought that it would make much difference to my life in general. I was checking out my reports over at Google analytics this morning and noticed a couple of unexpected entries.

The what's, why's and wherefore's are actually quite simple. I copied and pasted the url's into my browser and hey presto found that I'd logged into another Irish food blog; and guess what? It is owned and run by the very same Damien Mulley and The Good Mood Food Blog by Donal, which is well worth a read if only for the lovely photo's.

From what I can tell is a round up of live feeds from a variety of blogs around the country and it certainly makes interesting reading. For one, Vinca's In Tha Kitchen has received more than one entry... certainly makes interesting reading! I have discovered a number of interesting blogs and rediscovered a few old favourite's that I have been neglecting of late. Why not head over there and see for yourself?

A couple of interesting examples include and Lidl Treats; which as everyone knows pans right into my good books because Lidl is one of my favourite places to shop!

I can't think of a nicer way to spend the morning; except for the fact that I had promised myself that I would be uploading new pics to my Vinca Cards website, working on press releases and other exciting projects of a similar nature! Still, tomorrow's another day and so long as I have it done by the time I have to head into our Scout meeting tomorrow night everything will be okay!

Polly Pierce

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