Saturday, September 13, 2008

Polly's Procrastination

I recently announced my very good intentions for the coming weeks, regarding the subject of me actually cooking and various training courses that I have enrolled for. Shame then that so many of my good intentions were thwarted before they even began! The baking was put on hold and the Setting Up A Business In An Afternoon course was cancelled...

This of course leads me to the ever present habit of procrastination, or putting things on the long finger; which of course is what happened with the course. Had I taken advantage of the opportunity during last years Enterprise Offaly Week I would have beaten off competitor's for floor space. This year only four people signed up for the session; which may be a sign of things to come; regarding the 'recession', that is.

You may have noticed that I have been cheating recently with regards to my posts; by this I mean I have linked to some good articles by other people. This is because I have been spending a lot of time developing my business, ie Vinca Cards and concentrating on cyber training regarding the marketing side of things.

My three mentors have encouraged these activities by providing inspiration and knowledge; not only in business but also regarding information technology and internet marketing. Darina Loakman, Lynette Chandler and Alice Seba are all well recognised in their field and certainly have managed to teach me a thing or two.

Anyway; my point is that there aren't enough hours in the day for me to do all the things that I either have to do/want to do! On the one hand I am accused of spending too much time on the computer and on the other the same person is asking me if I have done my blog yet? It seems that no matter what I do, I can't win!

Rather than procrastinate and desert this blog altogether; as I have with 'Vinca's A Thinka!', I am occasionally showcasing other peoples blogs and articles which I hope you will enjoy. One such blog is my good friend Jean's Up The Garden Path; although relatively new; I have been following her exploits for nearly a year now on her other blog.

In this post The Fruits Of Our Labour she regails us with tales of her home produced veggies and shows us what to do with them in photographic form; all I can say is that I wish that we had the climate and the time to follow suit.

I hope you like this format. I don't intend to desert this blog at all; but I have noticed that the frequency of my visits is less than it was. Thankfully this is because I have also been asked to fill a couple of orders and to do a little research and development for the Christmas market; which coincides nicely with the arrival of some extra special stamps from the States.

Do keep watching this space though as I will be posting as usual with my very own slant on how not to cook!

Thanks for sticking with me guy's!


Lorna said...

It can be hard running a new business from home isn't it. Am signing up for some Enterprise board courses this autumn too. I have just added your cards website to the links page of my website - hope it brings you some business!

Polly Pierce said...

That's brilliant Lorna, thanks a lot! Finger's crossed x