Friday, April 9, 2010

Dungarvan Brewing Company

t's funny how having a bad day can turn into having a good day all of a sudden, isn't it? Sometimes when the body and/or the spirit doesn't want to play I turn to my trusty computer for solace. It's better than pain killers or valium, somehow managing to suppress whatever is bothering me sufficiently to take away the desire to vent at the children, or whichever innocent might happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The medicinal effect of the computer is proven in its efficiency. A number of years ago my youngest son had both of his large toe nails operated on (Zadek's Procedure), under local anaesthetic. At the time he was sitting up on the operating table munching on chocolate (much to the anaesthetists disgust) and playing his beloved Nintendo DS. LB was considered too young to tolerate the discomfort of the local anaesthetic injections and was expected to require full anaesthesia.

Anyway, I digress. During one of my less enthusiastic moments, ie today I went surfing on the net and am delighted to say that this has truly lifted my spirits resulting in several important discoveries and a lighter mood. Not only am I now the newest proud member of DCWV's Facebook page, (I just love their stuff), I'm also wiser regarding the existence of Lin Yu Chun, I've come face to face with the woman behind I Married An Irish Farmer and what's more I've discovered the existence of the Dungarvan Brewing Company. Wow, what a day...

Regular readers know that I am passionate about supporting the local economy and promoting local businesses. Some may even know that I'm fairly enthusiastic about what is fondly known in the UK as Real Ale. Actually, it's more than that. It's a passion for hand-crafted beers, sadly in Ireland these are few and far between as the majority of beer drinkers lack the appreciation of the craft to seek anything but the high pressured cold fizzy stuff sold in most public houses these days.

Like lambs to the slaughter the modern beer drinker accepts the latest fashion of ultra chilled liquid devoid of flavour in the belief that this is the best way to serve their favourite tipple. In reality beers are served like this to disguise the reduction in quality due to variables cellar conditions and general lack of skill on the part of the average bar person (pc for bar man or heaven forbid maid.)

Having grown up with Guinness of the highest standard, served at room temperature in deference to the average age of the customers being well above sixty years it was with some degree of revulsion that I discovered what the English call 'Guinness'. This was quite a different beast. It suffered the indignities of poor bar skills and travelled poorly. I once was advised by a sage bar man of the New Forest, (in the deep South)  that the lumps of black stuff snaking slowly down the inside of the glass were supposed to be there. Needless to say it wasn't long before I was introduced to something far more palatable...

While I have yet to enjoy the experience of the Dungarvan Brewing Company's wares it fills me with absolute delight to be able to extol their virtues here on this page. Ethically they are the epitome of the stuff that I came to love during my time in the United Kingdom. Being Ireland's latest addition to the micro-brewery industry  they are producing a range of bottle-conditioned craft beers which are brewed and bottled on-site in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

What's so exciting about the Dungarvan Brewing Company then? Simply put it is the return to proper old fashioned brewing techniques which the larger companies have abandoned:
Brewing and bottling on-site means that we can oversee the complete production process, from grain to finished bottle, so we can assure the quality of this hand-crafted product.
Conditioning in the bottle means we have a naturally carbonated, unfiltered and unpasteurised beer that doesn't need any further enhancers or additives to stabilise or improve them.
Anyway, for those that share my passion the Dungarvan Brewing Company is having their official launch tonight at Downey's in Dungarvan, Co Waterford from 8pm onwards. I wish they were a bit closer to home! Maybe if you're in the area and love real beer you'll take a couple of hours out of your busy schedule to drop in for a pint or two and get these guys off to a flying start. For more information check out their Facebook Page...


Polly Pierce

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Claire Brennan said...

LOVE it Polly!!!! you're a hoot!!! wish I was closer to Dungarvan myself!!