Friday, April 9, 2010

Have A Bash?

You know thinking about it, I really do have a thing about kitchen gadgets. The fact that I don't use the most of them, despite it being a matter of life and death if I didn't get them is entirely beside the point!

One such gadget is the humble pestle and mortar. I do however use mine with alarming regularity and surprisingly enough so does my twelve year old son. Sadly my version of the pestle and mortar is not what it could be. A present from my erstwhile ex-husband many years ago my love for this object has endured despite the fact that it is of green Connemara marble. Ungrateful? No, not at all. I just prefer the more traditional stoneware type...

Perhaps then, it's just as well that George from Culinary Travels is only able to offer her present give-away to our American readers.

"I have the team over at CSN stores (who have more than 200 online stores that sell everything from cookware to yoga accessories to bamboo flooring to barstools) to thank for allowing me to give away this great prize.

To enter all you need to do is leave me a comment here, making it clear if you are in the US, by April 29th and I will pick a winner on May 1st. I’ll then contact the winner directly and pass their details on to CSN stores so that they can arrange dispatch of the item."

So, best of luck and if you're the lucky winner try not to think of me and my Connemara marble while you're busy bashing away with your lovely new granite pestle and mortar!

Happy bashing...

Polly Pierce


Anonymous said...

Great article. I'm in the USA.

Stephanie said...

Awesome giveaway I'm in the US