Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Defrosting Polly

Here's a very quick recipe that I tried out at the weekend; along with some quick prep soup which wasn't actually that bad! I am stunned actually; maybe it tasted so good because I had a whole flask of it to revive me after I tumbled into the canal in my Kayak! We'd been off on a Kayaking weekend course with the Scouts and the Tullamore Canoe Club...

Anyway, here is the recipe and for anyone daft enough to follow in my footsteps I would heartily recommend it:

Defrosting Polly

1 adult youth leader
4 kayak instructors*
9 scouts**
1 Grand Canal
1 cool day in April

Combine the above ingredients
Capsize adult leader into canal twice
Exit water some time later for lunch
Freeze adult scout leader liberally
Return leader to den to get dry and warm
Dunk leader in hot shower for 10 minutes
Dry and re-dress in warm, dry clothing
Drink warm cup of tea
Return to canal to assist with return of scouts and kayak's

Two hours later place leader in bed at 5.30pm still fully clothed
Turn electric blanket up to #9 and leave to simmer
Remove from bed at 8.00pm feeling much warmer and happier!

I have to point out that I also made a quick lamb rogan josh before I took to the bed. Unfortunately the boys who were in the room beside the kitchen failed to notice the smell of faintly singed food in time and as a result it had a vaguely smokey flavour to it. Otherwise it was gorgeous!

Guess what my next post will be about? Lamb Rhogan Josh!

Polly Peirce
Purveyor of Fine Hand-made Irish Greeting Cards and Wedding Stationary

*Tullamore Canoe Club
**1st Tullamore Scouts

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