Friday, September 5, 2008

Polly's Got Gifts Galore

So this is it! I woke up this morning full of aches and pains; again. This is the second time in a week and this time I remembered to take the veritable cocktail that keeps me on the straight and narrow; or did I?

Actually I may have forgotten to take the anti-epileptic Lyrica; the one which is single handedly responsible for me being at ever so slightly larger than I might like to be. Perhaps it was what is referred to as a Freudian slip? The problem is that when I feel well; I think I am well! Duh.

Anyway that is enough of my self pitying whining for now! The shame of the thing is that I was up and dressed really early, having remembered to take two of the night-time magic tablets which help me sleep as well as help with days. So, I was full of beans at 8.30am while trying to sort out the e-mails and get my youngest off to school in the rain.

What a shame then that it didn't last. Aside from tending to the ever growing laundry pile; I have spent the day on the computer-again. This time I have been learning how to do watermarks to put on my cards and pictures when I put them up on the net; copyright issues etc.

One highlight of the day was receiving a comment on my other blog from a lady called Lorna. It's always exciting to discover that people are actually reading them and quite a complement that she took time out of her busy schedule to pass remark. I do wish that there were more folk like her; as I seem to have a growing readership who just pass on by leaving little evidence of their visits.

Like me Lorna is a member of the Irish Business forum. I suppose its title is a bit of a give away; but recently I have been dropping by more and more. I dare say it's something to do with a request for samples of my Wedding Stationary which has spurred me on; but it has certainly been productive. For starter's I won two tickets to a Gala Concert by The Dublin Concert Band in October and I can hardly wait - this is where Lorna came in; she's envious!

I have enrolled in a Setting Up Your Business In An Afternoon next Monday, Start Your Own Business Programme in November, bought a new phone & number for business use only, signed up for some advertising and have generally been updating the web-site and making new cards to beat the band. All in all I am quite proud of my efforts and just wish that today had been one of the more upbeat days where I was able to move mountains. Ah, yes I did do the laundry; does that count?

My time certainly hasn't been wasted today. I haven't quite managed to figure out how to link the various layers on the watermark thing, but I will. I have also discovered a lovely website which carries some gorgeous gifts for the happy couple to be, which is kind of appropriate given the nature of my business. I wonder if she'd be interested in carrying some of my Wedding Invitations?

Within seconds of clicking onto her page for special occasion gifts I discovered this little treasure; available at Garrendenny Lane Interiors for €79.00. Something else for my wish list!

It has inspired me however to get up off this chair and do some; rather than think about doing some baking...

I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow; assuming that things go according to plan!


Deborah said...

Good for you Polly! :) Lorna's shop makes me wish Christmas was here! I have quite a wishlist built up! :) Love the website, nice work! See you soon!

Polly Peirce said...

Thanks for that Deborah! It's all quite exciting getting all this stuff done & making plans. Finger's crossed...

Lorna said...

Hi Polly,

Many many thanks for the mention and even more so, many thanks for the compliments on my cake!
Love your work and while I'm probably not busy enough as yet to stock wedding invitations, I would certainly love to stock yours in the future.

PS I know exactly what you mean about procrastinating - I'm just back from Paris, broadband has been restored and I'm on the computer instead of dusting, hoovering, laundry etc.

enjoy the business courses - i've always found such courses very useful.